May 05

Happy Cinco de Mayo Y’All

It has become an American tradition to head to the nearest Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, Mexico’s Independence Day. This year, as in previous years, the place to celebrate for Boca Raton and surrounding communities was Uncle Julio’s; a popular  restaurant located in Mizner Park, just in front of the Boca Raton Museum of Art.  As usual, the restaurant’s plan was anything but modest.  The celebration was planned to be a block party and a dining experience all rolled into one.  That way, strolling celebrants could enjoy their favorite beverage and Mexican munchies served from outside booths;  or step inside the restaurant to eat and party.  The hours of the celebration?  From noon to “sometime after midnight.”  How cool is that?  I arrived around 1:30 to set up for some photography.  I can attest that by five, the party was already  starting to rock and roll.  I can only imagine what it was like around midnight!


The servers at the booths were young, energetic, and very friendly


This is Scott, who oversees the property where Uncle Julio’s resides. He is from Austin and is a fellow Austin Lounge Lizards fan. Good guy!


Inside, the bar was occupied by customers of all ages. Definitely a family-friendly place.


At first I thought this was the live music. But it was only a picture at the end of the bar. Too bad. I’ll bet they were great musicians!


Camera in hand I wandered around the restaurant looking for a real Mexican. Not here. Nice try girls!


Nope! A couple of Americans. I like the mustache on the girl though. Very cute. The mustache I mean. Well okay, the girl is pretty cute too.


Two likely prospects; but the guy is European and the girl is from Cuba. Getting warm, though!


At last! The real deal! Feliz Cinco de Mayo Senor!


Uncle Julio’s is a family Mexican restaurant located in Mizner Park, in front of the Boca Raton Art Museum. The food and drinks are good and reasonably priced. For more information click here: Uncle Julio’s menu.