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February 15

A Stroll Through ArtPalmBeach 2013

I always look forward to visiting the annual ArtPalmBeach fair ( at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.  This year’s fair was comprised of over seventy international galleries presenting works in all forms of contemporary art.  As usual, there was something there to please the eye of most every viewer, regardless of his or her taste.  Shown below are photos I took of […]

November 05

How An Abscessed Tooth Tried To Kill Me

Last May my wife and I contracted a sinus infection while on vacation in Barcelona, Spain.  It was a nasty creature and it took us several weeks to get rid of it.  A few weeks later, we were off to Maine where we had rented a summer home.   By the time we arrived, my wife […]

June 28

Barcelona, A Modern City With A Past

In early May, Maja and I spent a delightful ten days in Barcelona Spain.  Aside from a pernicious upper respiratory infection which is still with us until this day, we had a great time.  Here is our report. Barcelona History in a Nutshell They Came, They Saw, They Conquered—And Eventually Left Since 15 BC the Romans, Visigoths, […]

May 31

Key West – My Kind of Town

  Key West is my favorite city in Florida and I try to visit there at least once a year.  What’s the attraction?  Everything! It’s a scenic, historic, artistic, laid-back, funky little town, with something for everyone; from family vacationers to the motorcycle rally and   Spring Break crowd.  The last time I visited Key […]

February 28

My Search For Blue-Eyed Haitians

  This article was written by Piotr Drozdowski, a Pelican Journal subscriber.  Although he lists his residence as Gdansk, Poland, he is seldom at home.  As a port captain and logistics specialist working for the UN World Food Program and various shipping lines, he is more likely to be found on assignment in such exotic […]

January 28

The Departure of Prince Maximus the Great

My grandson Max is gone; and so are his parents.  They left several hours ago, leaving little evidence of the ten wonderful days we spent together, save for a small collection of toys scattered in nooks and crannies around the house. It’s hard not to love Max.  At the ripe old age of 14 months he […]

November 07

Warsaw Poland: Love and Destruction in 1944

They met in Warsaw, almost by accident; quickly fell in love, and were married. Klimek Mielczarek was raised in poverty and learned at an early age how to survive using his good looks, charm, and ready wit. Teresa Zbijewska was an intelligent and beautiful young woman born into an aristocratic family, and raised on a […]

September 11

Madison and Captain America

  She lives in a small house down the road from where we are staying in Franklin, ME, and I see her most every day.  Sometimes I wave at her as I drive by, and usually she waves back. One morning, she was standing beside the road cuddling  a large doll. It was only as […]

September 01

Franklin, ME: A Proud, Patriotic,Town

The town of Franklin is small, even by Maine standards. Located about thirty minutes north of Ellsworth, it covers 39 square miles and has a population of about 1400 people. But what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in scenic beauty. Specifically, the center of town stands astride two bays that […]

August 09

An Undiscovered Garden of Eden in Maine

It was almost dark by the time we arrived at our destination—an old farm house just east of Franklin Maine.  Nestled among the trees in the lengthening shadows, it managed to look both mysterious and inviting at the same time; as if we were about to enter a secret and magic place.The first thing my […]

March 06

Why Is the Sea So Angry?

The sea is still angry.  For three days, wave after wave of  frothy surf has been slamming relentlessly into the beach while further out, white caps dot the water all the way to the horizon.  Meanwhile, a howling onshore wind had been bending  palm trees to its will, causing their fronds to weathervane sharply toward the west. […]

February 26

What I Learned From a Dead Shark

6:00 AM, Gulf Stream, Florida I couldn’t sleep last night, for reasons that are not important.  We all have our “can’t sleep” stories. After turning and thrashing most of the night, I finally gave up and stumbled to my balcony; a cup of coffee in  hand, ready to face the day.  As I stood facing the […]